stageI don’t know if you have stopped by our site because you’re seeking or just surfing, but since you’re here I’d like to tell you about what God is doing at The Haven.

Our Mission

Our mission at Haven Community Church is to transform spiritual seekers into fully devoted followers of Jesus.

We Believe

We believe that this happens first of all by genuinely loving God. We grow by living connected with one another.

Our faith becomes real by serving others and by reaching out to our community, the surrounding area, and ultimately to the ends of the world.

Our Vision

It is our vision to be an intentionally diverse & safe place where ones can explore the claims of Christ, receive His healing, fall in love with Jesus, & live lives of joy & purpose

A Diverse Gathering

Haven Community Church is a diverse gathering of people who share a unifying common bond – a passionate pursuit of God. We’re a new congregation in Marysville living out the truth that God has placed each person within this church body for His own purposes. Tomorrow will be new and different because God is continually adding to our family, and as we grow, we also change. What an indescribable blessing!

A Welcoming Atmosphere

Guests often comment on the welcoming atmosphere they encounter at  Haven. This is no pretense! We enjoy a sweet balance of being both a safe place and a strong place. Haven is a safe place – a place to be authentic and vulnerable; to find wholeness in Jesus Christ.  Haven is also a strong place – a place to be strengthened to grow; to step out and make an eternal difference for the Kingdom.

Haven Community Church is a great place to meet God and other people who share a passion to know Him! If you can, visit us!

Pursuing God together,
Pastor Brian