Strategy & Values

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to be a healthy, functioning church that recognizes, listens to and follows God’s voice in such a way that Spirit-empowered ministry can be extended to others.

As we collectively grow more into the likeness of Christ, we will go forward into the world according to His timing, by His leading, and equipped with His power and resources.

Our Values

Relationship to God
  • Always Responsive: We desire to be responsive to God as He Leads.
  • Spirit Empowered: We rely on God’s spirit as we follow Him.
Relationship With Each Other
  • All in Process: We recognize that we all need to help each other grow toward spiritual maturity.
  • We elevate relationships above issues.
  • Everybody serves: We are a safe place where everyone can have a part in serving God’s Kingdom.
  • We bless people coming in and going out: We affirm God’s journey for each of us.
  • Entrusting Leadership: We entrust leadership to others, allowing every person to participate in ministry according to their gifts.
Relationship With the World
  • Blessed to be a blessing: We firmly believe we’ve been blessed by God, and we desire to share that blessing with others.
  • Making room for one more: We desire to include any person who wants to pursue God together with us.
  • Partnering with people: We desire to work together with others for greater impact for God’s Kingdom.